Return of “The Aughts?”

Lake Okeechobee is low for December …

At least compared the past couple years.

Hydrograph of Lake O stage relative to
major ecological, statistical and operational

But if we go back to “the aughts” (i.e. the 2000s),

Lake stage is a tad closer to the low normal range.

Historical calendar of Lake
Stage using the same color coding
as the hydrograph on top

Still, at 13 ft above sea level, that puts current Lake stage at:

  • 2 feet below the early December median, as calculated from 1993 to present
  • 9 feet below the level that the Lake overflowed its southern bank into the Everglades, i.e. prior to drainage.

Or in other words, it’s low for December

And it should continue dropping into the spring.

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