Return of the Big Rain Day!

How much did last week’s big rain event bring us?

In meteorologist-speak, it gave us our first Big Rain Day (BRD) of the year.

This graph gives you an idea to how frequently BRDs occur

A BRD is any day in which 1 inch of rain or more falls over the course of a single day. While an inch of rain isn’t a monumental event for any one gauge, to have every gauge across south Florida, as an average, record an inch of rain – that is a big deal.

We usually have only a few (a half dozen) per year.

When was our last BRD before this one?

That occurred on September 29th. It turned out being our first and only BRD of last wet season, which ironically was eclipsed by the dry season before it which had six.

Our last BRM was August 2008

Many BRDs – spaced closely together – potentially lead to Big Rain Months (BRMs), which I define as any month which records ten inches or more of rain.

Last time we had one of those was August 2008 …

Or in other words, Tropical Storm Fay.

Click here to view a rain chart for your south Florida basin.

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