Reversal of seasons

Weather wise, we point to Florida’s lack of winter …

As what separates it most from the continental north.

If you grew up on the continent, spring was synonymous with floods and fall with low flow.  The exact opposite is true for the Big Cypress Swamp and Everglades.  By the way, the Red River in North Dakota is sometimes called the “Everglades of the Northern Plains” because of its similar flatness, balmy summers and clement winters. Okay, maybe not the latter two.  

But hydrologically,

Spring and fall is where the true contrast lies.

Continental stream systems peak in spring (sometimes as is the case for the Red River with record floods) and ebb to their low flow condition (called base flow) in fall.  The exact opposite is true for the flow ways of the south Florida peninsular swamp:

Fall marks peak flood season and spring is a time of drought.

Then there’s the story of south Florida’s famous “wrong way” clouds. I’ll save that for another day.

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