Ridges get wet

Not only do the Everglades not fill up fast,

The fill up rate varies from year to year.

The graph above displays wetland water depths in Water Conservation Area from 2013 to present.  The blue line shows the past two years, running up to present.  The dotted white line shows the long-term median (as measured from 1993 to present).  The horizontal color coding shows the elevation of various habitat types relative to water depths.  The change in shading reports statistical percentiles, i.e. the darker the band the closer to normal.  The dotted black line shows the regulatory schedule.  And the magenta line reports water depths in adjacent Water Consservation Area 3B.

Last year, for example, they did fill up fast. (Okay, I take back what I said before.)  Water Conservation Area 3A is currently over a foot lower than a year ago today and a half foot below the normal level for early July.)  That could have changed in Author turned our way.

Current water level in WCA3A is about 2 feet below the normal early Fall peak.

Simple cross sectional diagram
of Everglades Warning: Conditions
in field maybe more complex

That means the wetting front has moved up into the ridges.

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