Rise and fall of KBDI

You’ve seen the map,

now there’s a table to go along with it, too.

One of my mantras is that a number by itself (i.e. not surrounded by others, not put into historical or statistical context) is meaningless, or at least less meaningful than it could otherwise be. In that spirit, the table above takes the daily KBDI values shown on the map and shows them in comparison to the (1) long term daily mean, one month ago, and year ago — and is color coded to make those trends easier to see.

Additionally, you can click on the regional name to view a recent KBDI graph for each area, or click on the POR to view the full period of record for each area, 1990 to present.

This map and table are refreshed daily.

Just click on the link at the top right hand side of Go Hydrology to view.

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