Rise and fall of Swamp
And why its the norm (but it won't last)

The swamp falls …

and rises (sometimes from the ashes).

A look at the previous four water years

It’s called the water cycle, and more specifically — the wet and dry seasons. Unlike Up North on the continent where they have four traditional seasons, the swamp has two, meteorologically speaking at least. So, in the way of a quick review: Last wet season got off to a slow start. The water table didn’t bottom out until mid June in some places, usually a reliably rainy (if also soaking in and rising up) month. Compare that to this year’s rainy season which — thanks the Big Rain Day (BRD) this weekend — is off to a fast start. Or rather normal. The blue line (current condition) is tracking very closely with the long-term norm (white line). In summary: The swamp rises and falls. Currently it’s rising. And looking back, has there every been a 9 month span that the water table tracked so closely to the long-term normal — I wonder? If so, it isn’t a trend I expect to last.

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Swamp tidbit: A vertical elevation of just 2.5 feet separates the swamp’s low-lying wetlands from its natural high ground.

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