Robert, I can’t believe a seagull swiped a toy fro…

Robert, I can’t believe a seagull swiped a toy from your son’s hand unless it had food on it. I’m glad he’s okay now… BTW I was in south Florida last week and have been blogging about it on my other blog: Work of the Poet We visited Everglades National Park and got the entire story of the Everglades reconstruction project which hasn’t been put into effect yet and that it better be soon. I loved the Everglades (took lots and lots of pix) – it must be an hydrologist’s dream or nightmare depending on how you look at it.

Also Staten Island Chuck (oh you’ve never heard of him?), the groundhog up in the NYC area, predicted that Spring was on its way. Punxsutawney Phil was wrong all the way around.

I rooted for the Cardinals 🙁

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