Robert the problem here is one of cumulative pollu…

Robert the problem here is one of cumulative pollution, where I live in the southeast tip of England was once a small chalk island about 5 miles by 5 miles, so it’s a small aquifer essential to our agricultural and domestic water supply.

So far 3 large pollution incidents have been discovered, as an example at one site on the aquifer 500 tons of toxic solvent have been removed so far from the aquifer, yep 500 tons of solvent not contaminated land or water but neat solvent.

We are now down to it being only the boreholes near the airport that supply relatively clean water, one big fuel spillage from a plane crash in this part of the garden of England and it’s no more agriculture.

At the airport they are breaking the environmental regulations and have done for years, it’s an old emergency WW1 airfield and they are landing 747s there now that can carry 50 tons of fuel.

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