S11s lead through first half

Memorial Day weekend falls right around the half-way point of the calendar year.

It’s a good time to scan through the first half of the year to see where we are now relative to last year, and other past years.

Case in point are the S11s.

At 250,000 acre-feet in 2008-to-date, it’s already surpassed last year’s full-year discharge volume. Or looked at from a different view, the S11s hadn’t recorded any discharge through the first half of last year leading up to Memorial Day.

You have to go all the way back to 1993, when 500,000 acre-feet discharged through the S11s, to find a higher flowing first half. This year’s first half flow are more than 1998’s first half.

That’s a surprise considering the drought outlook at the January 2008 starting gate.

The above graph shows flow volume in millions of acre-feet per year. Blue bars show flow volume through the S11s for the full year. Year-to-date (up to Memorial Day) for each year is shown in red.
Or, if you need a closer look, check out the S11 historical flow calendar.

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