Saltwater treason!

What can one state do that three can’t do better?

Answer: In the spirit of the process of elimination we can rule out manage their shared waters.

Can you see the three wading birds?

Florida is a peaceful state …

Florida, Georgia and Alabama have been locked in the so called Tri-State Water War for decades which for that matter may be better described as the Thirty Year War. I prefer the word “dispute” over war. I mean, really – we are the same country. The war analogy could be germane to, say, the Danube River where water is shared among a good dozen countries, most of which have their own separate tongue, but the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint is a conversation among friends, albeit a complex one – hydrologically, politically, legally. I see the same situation in the Everglades. Institutions are in various stages of litigious limbo yet there are no more than a half dozen people at the table at any one time that haven’t switch hats between two or more agencies in the past dozen years.

By war standards, that’s called treason.

Just don’t mess with our freshwater flows to the Apalachicola estuary.

Of course the Caloosahatchee is another matter.

But I’m not here to point fingers at people, but rather make observations about data. Did anybody else notice that Lake Buford is up but – Wow! – discharge out of Lake Seminole into the Apalachicola is “off the charts” down.

Don’t worry:

This isn’t another pivotal battle in that never ending water war.

They are simply doing some routine repairs and repainting on Woodruff Dam. Here’s an article that explains. Otherwise, as far as I can tell …

All seems quiet on Florida’s northern water front.

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