Barron River Campfire
On the banks of the Barron River

Bobby Angel had his heart set …

On a “river venue.”

Bobby Angel’s 2-song set with lots of story telling

But after a long search he eventually gave up and settled for the canal. The reason? Convenience for one. Also, the traffic into Everglades City was pretty bad. Usually a sleepy enclave, once a year during its famous Seafood Festival it bustles with life (and traffic delays.) Finally, the canal is just a lot bigger and longer than the river. River or canal, the campfire lit easily enough and his strings tuned just as quickly.

Bobby Angel’s 2-song set includes (1) One More Melaleuca and (2) David Moody Blues. But the true focus of this campfire concert is the mystery and history (and artist recommended future) of the road, the canal, the river and the old railroad. Bobby Angel goes deep history mode and doesn’t turn back, nor does the crackle of the campfire disappoint.

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