Scenic stage reading

So just how high (i.e. deep) is Sweetwater?

The “We Are Here” chart below gives you a detailed look.

The “We Are Here” chart above provides a water level summary for Sweetwater as of today, a month ago, a year ago, and relative to the long-term norm for September 22. Water levels would have to drop another 4 feet before the headwater pools go dry.  

To summarize, water stage is currently 5.3 feet above sea level. That’s up 4 inches from a month ago and about the same as the long term average for late September. The culverts are flowing. Water depth in the headwater pool is about 4 feet deep and depth in the tailwater canal is closer over 6 feet deep. Water depth in the swamp (i.e. away from the road behind the trees) is about 2 feet deep.

As for the best time to photograph:

You have to wait for water levels to drop another foot.

That’s when wildlife starts to more frequently congregate in the pools.

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