Sea of cypress domes
And why no two are the same

Cypress trees usually come to mind …

When people think about the Big Cypress Swamp.

Cypress domes in Big Cypress National Preserve

But for me it’s more specific: I tend to think of the cypress domes (and strands). The domes are circular and too many to count. Well, you could probably count them, but it would hard to keep track for the reason they are all unnamed. But don’t mistake that with them all being the same. What appear hill-like from a distance turn into a shallow bowl as your approach, full of a labyrinth of cypress knees, fluted trunks, and fallen logs that require you to watch each and every step until finally you reach the sunlit central destination point: a circular marsh and/or orchid-hiding pond apple and pop ash trees, and usually an alligator hole perhaps at a willow head.

An unnamed cypress strand in Big Cypress National Preserve

As for the cypress strands, unlike the domes most of them are named, but not in all cases as the one above. And I’m not saying there aren’t two perfectly identical doppelganger domes or strands out there. I’m just saying I haven’t found one yet. The search continues.

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