Second Big Rain Day Strikes!

Yesterday’s rain qualified as an …

Official Big Rain Day (BRD)!

This calendar chart reports south-Florida-wide daily rainfall from 1992 to present.  Daily rainfall amounts are aggregated into three categories: Little to no rain days, a moderate dose of regional rain day, and Big Rain Days.  Our most recent rain day is our second of this calendar year.  Last calendar year we only received two.

What is a BRD?

It’s any day when on average one inch of rain (or more) falls across all of south Florida.  Big Cypress National Preserve averaged 1.77 inches of rain and the Miami Dade Basin averaged 2.6 inches. Interestingly, BRDs occur throughout the year, not just the summer rainy season.  The source of the winter and spring are usually continental fronts.

South Florida typically gets about 4-5 BRDs per year.

Yesterday’s was perfectly timed to end the seasonal spring drought.

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