Shark River Slough on rise

Shark River Slough had been dropping down steadily all winter long – despite the El Niño – a trend I was surprised to see …

Until a wet March moved it back on the rise.

Or was it upstream releases (from gates) that did it instead?

Those would be the S12-D (the only of the S-12 structure still open) and the L-29 Culverts (where they are building the one mile bridge), the former flowing at around 300 cfs and the latter at twice that (around 600).

Whichever the source – or in what combination,
Slough stage has moved up into 90th percentile territory for early April …

Placing it almost a foot higher than early April of last year.

That’s puts the wetting front
well up into the top of the ridges …
But still well below the shores of the tree islands,

Which last were flooded in Fall 2008.

Last spring even the sloughs went dry.
which last happened in 1990.

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