Sheet and spring flow
Similarities and differences

One spreads out …

And the other discharges from one spot.

Sheet flow in Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

Spring flow at Silver Spring in Ocala, Florida

Other differences? One flows all year round. The other lasts for a few months. One gushes fast. The other moves as slow as snail. One is ground-fed and the other gets its water mostly from the sky. One is deep reaching down into underwater caverns that require Scuba gear to explore. The other is shallow thus allowing you to explore by foot (so long as you’re willing to get your socks wet).

As for similarities? Both are crystal clear in their undisturbed state. And both are tranquil beyond belief. Most of all, both need our help to keep them that way.

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Charlene Invino
Charlene Invino
7 months ago

Just spent four nights in Big Cypress walking in (and consuming) sheet flow! Cool, refreshing, and pristine!

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