Sheetflow’s silent roar

As low as waters have been in June …

I wouldn’t throw in the towel on sheetflow just yet (see article.)

Animated map of swamp’s annual sheetflow cycle:
Blue is water and tan is exposed land.

It isn’t until into July that it rises to full form:

Spatially pervasive, knee deep in the tall cypress, and flowing.

It’s not a flow you can see, per se – unless you are at a bridge where it’s concentrated – but if you are in the center of a strand during its peak you’ll observe an infinitesimally small current move silently south.

Sheetflow has no rapids.

Nor does it allow any dry ground.

Sheetflow season typically spans the summer and into fall

Perhaps sheeflow’s surest sign is an inch of water in the pinelands. That means the center of the cypress are three feet deep, and flowing …

Even if you can’t see or hear it.

An inch of water in the pines is a sign that sheetflow is fully formed
as seen near Raccoon Point in September 2010

If or when we get it, my guess is that it will take a tropical storm.

That one we’ll see and hear for sure!

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