Short as sheetflow?

Remember the days when sheet flow lasted all summer,

And even into early winter?

This hydrograph displays discharge under the Tamiami Trail in Big Cypress National Preserve from 2012 to present.  The dotted white line shows the low term normal. Can you see how this year’s sheet flow season was abbreviated?  Just a high but short spike.

Me neither.

These days sheet flow spikes up for a few short months at best.

This sheet flow season came up especially short.

This calendar chart shows discharge across Tamiami Trail in Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve from 1990 to present using the same (or similar) color coding as the hydrograph above.  Can you see how the years 2005 and 1994-1995 had especially long sheet flow seasons? 

The Super El Niño may save us this year.

But our best bet is filling in the canals (… and adding culverts.)

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