Shorter commute?
Swamp stays put, but town gets closer

National parks have a reputation …

For being stuck in time in a good way.

Population growth in south Florida since Everglades Nat’l Park and Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve were established. Compared to Miami, it looks like Collier County has barely grown at all.

Years, even decades, later you can return to a park …

And it mostly looks the same. Same old trees. Same old swamp.

But on the other side of the dotted line …

The landscape has and is rapidly changing.

Population growth in Collier County over time. By 2040 population growth in East Collier alone (shown in red) is predicted to the 2010 countywide level.

The same return trip to a spot you remembered as a grove of trees or farm fields in your youth often times has changed to houses, concrete and a maze of roads.

Slowly and steadily, that has made the parks less and less remote.

Driving to town just isn’t as far away as it used to be.

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