Sight unseen

Ever wonder why all things seeming equal, somehow they never are?

There’s always something missing.

In some cases it’s truly invisible. Other times it is smack dab in front of one’s face … but because we’re not looking for it, we miss it. Either way, it’s there – as a sight unseen – but making all the difference.

That’s sort of the case with the wood storks.

It was a good nesting season up in wood stork central – Corskcrew Swamp, but down in the Big Cypress, the colonies are spotty at best, as they always are, or at least as they have been in recent times.

Wood storks are finicky when it comes to their water.

They require a good wet season (to build up the aquatic food base) and then a slow winter recession so the wetlands are shallow enough for foraging. But it also has to stay wet long enough through the nesting season. And all it takes is a frontal deluge to ruin (dilute) the broth.

What made this particular dome in the Big Cypress a good nesting spot, whereas other seemingly identical ones not (see above photo), I’ll never know.

One thing is for sure: The wood storks do!

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