“Single storm” effect

It’s not often that a single storm fills up ever lake, river and wetland across the entire state.

Not even Debby can lay claim to that (Fay, perhaps).

The above pyrograph shows the state-wide KBDI drought index for Florida.  Statewide, Florida’s drought severity typically peaks each year in May, soon thereafter followed by a summer-long lull (thanks to the summer showers and storms like Debby).  Despite what seemed like a precipitous one-week drop, can you see how the current condition (“We are HERE”) falls in line with the long term median (i.e. dotted white line)?  Statewide, drought severity isn’t expected to ramp back up until starting in the fall.

But Debby did drop the state-wide drought index to a multi-year low (going back to 2010 at least):

500 to 200 in a single week is a pretty precipitous fall.

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