Sinus headache weather

The halcyon good weather of the past 2 weeks lulled me to sleep, and then reality set in — the winds shifted.

A front approaching from the northwest is drawing up a slug of moist and cloudy skies from the southwest.

That moist air flow put some curl in the surf (usually the gulf coast is placid), drizzled us a few rain drops, and gave us a blanket of overcast skies. 
But even if you didn’t make it to the beach or venture outside for that matter, the tell tale sign was hard to ignore: cranky ankles, bum sports knees, and – most dehabilitating of all – the dreaded sinus headaches were acting up all across town.

I was fortunate, my sinuses were fine, and I escaped my athletic youth relatively scot-free – but I did get a minor heart palpitation glancing at the Naples weather chart.

The past two nights never made it below the 70º F mark!

That’s an early taste of the long summer nights to come – from June through September – when early morning temperatures hover in the 70º – 75º F range.)

But it’s still premature to call it summer just yet.

Naples average nighttime low just broke above 60º F mark, (and on average it doesn’t break above 70º until the end of May).

That leaves us a solid two months of good spring weather … starting tomorrow, when that cold front finally breaks through!

We’ll get at least one night in the high 50s out of it.

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