Sip responsibly from the aquifer!

Like any other hydrologist out there, I get thirsty.

That’s the reason I carry around a translucent green water bottle wherever I go. It holds 16 ounces. That’s a handy size. The downside is that I have to fill it up pretty regularly – a couple times per day.

I could save myself the effort (of my regular refilling regime), by finding a container that fits a full year’s worth of drinking water in it.

Granted, that’s not all that practical –

Who has the space or strength to carry around six 42.5 gallon water barrels, let alone one, let alone keeping it semi-cold and fresh?

That is what’s amazing about Florida’s giant “water barrels” in the ground:

Our aquifers are constantly refreshed.

Even at 179 gallons per day per person (Palm Beach County’s per capita demand), it would be impossible to pump them completely dry.

But what if we could?

Where would we put all that water?

As big as Lake Okeechobee is, we’d need 750 similarly sized giant bowls to store it all.

Better yet:

Let’s just keep it in the ground …

And only take out as much as we need.

Think “16 ounces” at a time!

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