Six month season draws to close

With one day to go …

Here’s the swamp’s April and Dry Season rain totals.

This table provides a history of monthly, wet/dry season and yearly rainfall from 1989 to present.  Warm colors indicated lower rainfall months and cool colors indicate higher rainfall months.  Can you see the blockbuster rainfall numbers the swamp got in June 2005 and for the year in 1995?

April 30th marks the end of the six-month dry season that began on November 1st.  Thanks our last minute rainstorm, a wetter than normal April (3.9 inches compared to 2.6 inch average) our dry season total pushed this year’s dry season total (i.e. going by those six months) to the normal range (11.1 inches compared to 11.3 inch average).  That rain event also ended the seasonal spring drought.

Not that the dry season is over.

We can expect more dry weather into May …

Until closer to Memorial Day when the summer rainy season starts cranking into full gear.

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