Snowy surprise

Wet season or dry season?

That’s an easy call in south Florida … most years –

Summers are wet and winters dry.

In other areas the distinction is less so,

Leaving weather aficionados to ponder their rains as, say, a baseball player is judged as he approaches the plate, or in other words:

“The weather’s only as good as its last at bat!”

Case in point is right across the gulf in the Big Thicket.

Its waters slump into a Texas-style drought for weeks on end – any time of year.

But make no doubt:

That lone star corner is no high plains desert, but rather a sultry swath of overgrown thicket fueled by sixty inches of rain per year.

It’s never a question of if, but rather how much and when (often when you least need it) … the result of which is a flushed and flashy floodplain.

Where the snow fits in I’m not sure?

They just got some (their earliest ever).

Call it a rare “in-field” home run!

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