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Usually, cooler temperatures
come to mind when we think
of fall. But in the swamp there's
other signs, too.

Here's a closer look: 🍂

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Swamp Water Served Daily

Go Hydrology is a water cycle blog where we illuminate and celebrate the great parade of water through the atmosphere and earth.

Working closely with contractors to ensure an accurate survey on Loop Road. (I informed field crew of a previously undetected 2 mile error in distance between 40 and 50 Mile Bend, reducing the linear length from 10 to 8 miles). #accuracymatters #now48MileBend

This trail leads right to a #gator hole in the middle of a dome, but don’t want to jump to conclusions. probably a #bunnytrail

September is "peak water season" in the swamp.
Except this year. Here's a closer look:

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When Shallow Means Deep

You know water is deep in the swamp when the pinelands are shallowly flooded, except this year (so far).