Sogginess Factor
Soil moisture is the new hydroperiod

Hydroperiod is to the Everglades …

As soil moisture is to the Big Cypress.

Soil moisture: Now, a month ago and a year ago
Historical calendar of soil moisture

The reason? Soggy soils are an indicator that the water table hasn’t dropped too far below the ground. A high water table keeps the pump primed (so to speak) for a rapid return of surface water when the rains return. Bad things happen when the water table drops too low for too long. Peat starts to subside and marl soils become more susceptible to exotic plants. The soils are also more prone to saltwater intrusion near the coast and large wildfires all around. And to bring it full circle (as we do with the water cycle), the summer rains have to work that much harder to raise the water table back up above the land.

We all know that canals drain surface water during the summer, but the worst part is that they continue to drain the groundwater from out under the swamp in the winter even after the sheet flow has long since stopped.

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