Soggy sock country

A week ago, marl prairies were “keep you socks dry” country.

Not anymore!

Beware To All Ye Who Enter:
Soggy socks await

The Big Cypress Swamp was on the southern outskirts of the whopping rainfall numbers that Debby wrought, but that’s relatively speaking:

Rains from Debby boosted the swamp’s water table a foot.

The above hydrograph shows the elevation of the water table in Big Cypress National Preserve.  Swamp stage has risen to the top of the forest green zone, i.e. marl prairies.  That means the pinelands are still dry (mostly) and the tall cypress are holding a good foot of water, almost two feet in their centers.  Just a couple inches higher and sheetflow will start flowing in earnest.

It’s refreshing to see the swamp so full …

Soggy socks and all.

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