Something old made new again

Does “old” Florida still exist?

I’m somewhere down there

To a Belgian, everything in Florida appears rather “new.”

Above is a look at “old” Europe in the town of Lontzen.  I’m not actually in that photo — or at least that I know of, but I will be walking on the road on the bottom left hand side at some point about every day.

At the top of this hill was a very old building

This is the one percent of Belgium that speaks German as their mother tongue. Of course you can’t be a Belgian without speaking French or Dutch (or both), plus a little bit of English.

And don’t forget about wild arm movements!

They are the universal language, even more understandable than a smile.

Trust me, these are steep hills!

Here’s a couple views from the ground.

At times it feels urban, but the smell of countryside is unmistakable.  Around every corner there is green and lots of open fields.  Hay is big business, and also cows.

The hill in the background is Germany.

And lots of hills, too.

Unlike south Florida I have trouble finding a single slab of flat ground.

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