Sophomore slump

The first batch of cold air in late October felt good,

But it also made us greedy:

When would the second arrive?

We had to wait awhile – call it a sophomore slump – but finally it came this weekend.

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s been a “warm” fall in south Florida.

This time last year we were squarely in the “cool” colors of the graph, followed by a Thanksgiving plunge into “freezing” territory.

Okay, that’s only freezing by Naples, Florida standards,

But still, keep in mind that the graph is a “weekly” running average. That means a few daily lows plunged below 40 degrees on those weeks.

They are our “true blue” cold front:

It’s an unusually cold day in Naples when day time highs don’t break 70º F.

Believe it or not:

for a true Floridian whose blood has thinned – that’s freezing!

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