Source of the S-5A Pump Station

There’s nothing quaint about the headwaters of the Everglades:

The farther upstream you go the bigger the structures grow.

Can you see the structure in the distance?

As seen on the inside
of Lake Okeechobee’s 143-mile
perimeter levee looking south

Here’s a closer look as seen
standing Lake Okeechobee’s
perimeter levee

Here’s a look on the tail water side of the S-351 structure, feeding water towards West Palm Beach, and  the S-2 pump station beside it.

Here’s some views of the structure that sends water from Lake Okeechobee towards West Palm Beach and Water Conservation Area 1.  Water was actually flowing out of the S-351 on Monday June 9th when I took the photo.  And there was a big line of wet season rain clouds to the south in the Everglades on that same day as well.

Can you see the cloud formation in the top photo?

The haze in the background (to the south) was smoke
from a wildfire in Water Conservation Area 3A

BTW: The water goes through a filter marsh before it enters the Everglades.

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