Spring-fashionable pyrograph?

How many wildfires are burning in Florida?

Last week I overheard somebody mentioned the number 78.

How stylish is this map?
It’s color coding is coordinated to match the pyrograph below
(Note: Click here to view the interactive version of the map)

That sounded like a lot …

But then again Florida does have 67 counties.

One per county doesn’t sound so high.

And (as shown in the pyrograph below ), Florida has statewide risen into record wildfire severity for the month of April. Such a dry April conditions are not unusual for south Florida, but usually wet conditions on the panhandle dampen the state-wide KBDI index down.

The pyrograph above shows the KBDI drought index for the entire state of Florida.  Red/orange indicate high drought severity and blue/dark green indicate low drought severity.  On average, Florida experiences the highest drought severity in the months of May and June.  (Can you see the statistical rise during late spring?)  As of Monday, the state wide KBDI value has ascended to its highest value for the month of April in the past twelve years.

Whatever the total, we can officially add one more:

Over the weekend I spotted a new column of gray smoke rising on the eastern outskirts of Naples.

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