SR29 Water Report
Rally Cry for the Big Water Fix

This report isn’t poetry …

But it was timely.


This report dates back to Fall 2019

The moment I caught word that road planners were looking into widening State Road 29, I dove into the literature looking for the definite guide to the road and the canal. Finding none, I got to work writing everything I knew. Three years later the road still isn’t widened and a multi-agency team is looking into drainage issues in and surrounding Immokalee. Water projects never get done in a hurry. But in this case I’m glad I rushed to get the draft report out. Come to think of it, timing might be right to give it an update. My philosophy: Get as much information out as early and often as possible, and always make it a point to loop back around. That being said, the next big step is figuring out how to quit the chitter chatter and actually get the Big Water Fix off the ground.

supplemental map
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Jeff Dafoe
Jeff Dafoe
4 months ago

We are very fortunate to have someone as dedicated as you to watch over our natural resources.

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