St Augustine stages comeback

South Florida lawns were between a rock and hard place: Rains weren’t falling and sprinklers weren’t spraying. Those same lawns can breathe sigh of relief now that aquifers levels have risen and twice a week sprinkling returns .

Without its sprinkler-sprayed continual life support of water, St Augustine grass has difficulty making it through even normal dry season rains without turning brown.

. . .

And every rule has its exceptions.

Lehigh Acres is still on a once a week ration — as are the east coasts Dania Beach, Hallandale, Lake Worth, and Lantana — and Marco side stepped the rations from the very start, as did a few other communities.

The reason?

South Florida is a big area. Its water body parts are not all connected to the Lake. Nor are all aquifers created equal.

. . .

And local hardware stores, by some accounts, are struggling to keep pace with surging demand for sprinkler heads, which by some measures, are moving off of shelves and into freshly greening yards “faster than hotcakes.”
Well maybe not that fast.

It’s the ornamental plants and landscaping trade that could see the biggest economic boost.

. . .

The back story?

The Miami Herald reports twice a week watering — not three times — may become a permanent year-around fixture.

That will be decided on later this year.

Still there are doubters, as always seems to be the case in the water management game: The News-Press presents a case that once-a-week should be the year round standard.

Bottom line: a cistern per household would solve all our water conservation woes … at least mathematically.

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