Stalled at starting gate?

Could it be a third year in a row …
of subpar flows in the Everglades?

S12A looking west into Big Cypress National Preserve
(Old Trail to the left, new Trail to the right)

This time last year around 1,500 cubic feet per second of water was discharging through the S-12 structures for a end of the year 2010 total of around a half million acre feet of water.

In comparison, 2011 has yet to see a drop. 

The S-12s have yet to open in 2011

The reason?

Blame the early end to last summer’s wet season, followed by a dry winter and deep spring drought and now a relatively late start to this year’s wet season.

Can you see the dotted line?

When will they open?

Promptly as soon as regulatory stage rises above the dotted line.

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