State of drought

It pours in south Florida …

When it rains.

Drought levels in Florida today, a month ago, and a year ago
KBDI drought index history for Collier County

But what about when it doesn’t rain? That’s how Florida got the moniker the Sunshine State. The thing is: Rain or drought doesn’t spread uniformly across the state. Case in point is difference between the panhandle (which is very wet) and the southern part of the state that is starting to dry out (top chart). Unlike the northern part of Florida, and in particularly the panhandle that gets the brunt of the continental winter and spring fronts — south Florida has very distinct wet and dry seasons. In the summer it pours. And then in the winter the rains turn off. In any event, it’s always fun to compare how drought unfolds across the state spatially and back in time over the years.

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7 months ago

Florida indeed is suffering; the IIJA will definitely induce funds to improve the water infrastructure .

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