Still a few “days” away

Word out of Picayune is that it’s dry there, too.

The recently-updated rain chart for Corkscrew is shown below.

June and July were below normal (i.e. white line),
but not outside the normal range (i.e. dark gray band).

Here’s a map showing rainfall summary for the past 365 days, i.e. year, across southwest Florida.

Click on the squares to view detailed rain charts there.

Central Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve
is charting the most rain for southwest
Florida over the past year

Ft Myers area

LaBelle area

Hicchopee areaEstero Bay areaCorkscrew areaLake Trafford areaGoodens Slough areaNaples areaPicayune Strand areaOkaloacoochee areaMullet Slough areaHenderson Creek areaFakahatchee and Deep Lake Strand areaPinelands areaPincrest area

Of course the water you see on the ground, i.e. swamp, is likely the result of rain that fell over the past few months. And it only takes days of rain can replenish months of dry season drought.

In Picayune, Corkscrew and Okaloacoochee we could use more of those days.

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