Still climbing?

How do things compare now to previous years?

Closer to similar than different (for now.)

The hydrograph above compares the most recent water year (i.e. WY2015 runs from May 2014 to Apr 2015) to the historic range and median (as calculated from 1992 to present) and a few years of note.  Actually, there were some other years of note but you can only include so many lines on a graph before it gets cluttered.

It isn’t until the rainy season ends that we start to see major differences from one water year to the next. That has a lot to do with how long meteorological wet season conditions persist and if we get any late season tropical downpours.  Absent those, the water table starts to descend pretty quick (i.e. the “red coded” 2011 water year above.)

Sometimes that descent starts in September, other times not until as late as November.

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