Still waiting

Atlanta has a national reputation for being quite hot,

Thus its nickname – “Hot” Lanta.

But by south peninsula standards it becomes quite cool in non-summer months.

The metric I look at is the 60 degree line.

Here in Florida we use it – or rather, when average night-time low temperatures drop below it – to mark the beginning of fall.

Atlanta typically drops below that mark by mid September.

This year hotter weather lingered longer there, into the start of October.

But that’s splitting hairs:

A month later at the start of November, Atlantans are confronted with the brisk reality of sub-70 degree days and night-time lows dipping into the 40s.

That’s not only equivalent of our coldest of cold winter days in Naples,

It’s also looking way too far ahead:

Fall has yet to arrive by the 60 degree standard!

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