“Storm water” chaser

Am I a “storm chaser?”

Not really – I tend to take cover when a storm approaches.

Or flee (to Inverness),

Which is exactly what we did four years ago in late October when a late season storm spinning around on the Yucatan Peninsula finally spun free and dead-eyed its way toward the southwest side of the Florida Peninsula.

The winds knocked down our lanai and water perplexingly found its way into one corner of the house, presumably through a soffett.

It’s amazing what horizontal rain can do!

Even locally-produced lightning storms (and trust me, they can be scary) have me running for cover.

Although, admittedly, I do make it out for the rainbow afterwards.

My conclusion is that “storm chasers” are more aligned with the meteorology school of thought. They are basically the high-seas adventurer version of the smiling “back to you Marty” meteorologist you see in the comfort of your home on television every night.

As for me – I’m a “hydrologist,” not a meteorologist.

My interest lies in what that liquid stuff does when it finally makes up its mind (it can so indecisive in the sky) and hits the ground running … or in this case, “flowing.”

If anything that makes me a “storm water” chaser.

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