Stream skirmish at state lines

As the case often is in hydrology,

It’s easier to track the water than it is to track the water wars.

I lose track of those.

Florida’s been embroiled in the so-called tri-state water war with Georgia and Alabama over how to split up water in the Apalachicola-Chatahoochee-Flint River Basin.

The big issue for Florida is maintaining minimum flows in downstream Apalachicola.

The river feeds the estuarine oyster beds of one of the states biggest fisheries – Apalachicola Bay, and the river depends on Lake Lanier – all the way up at the top of the basin (near Atlanta) – to release waters south during times of drought, when all the other tributary sources run dry.

That’s a problem because Atlanta wants to hold on to that water:

Lake Lanier is a critical cog in its municipal water supply.

The whole situation spilled out into a huge “hydrologic” media frenzy during the multi-year drought that gripped the Southeast in 2007 and 2008,

But 2009 was a wet year with two huge deluges that sent waters back up to the top of the brim.

Since then I haven’t heard so much about the water war,

But I’m still following the water …

I never lose track of that.

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