Summer “cloud” season

It may not rain every day,
But come summer in Florida
you’re sure to see clouds …

Just not at 8 am in the morning.

Or at least that’s the case over on the west coast. (Over in Miami morning clouds are more common.)

For me that means my morning commute (from Naples) into work is mostly blue skies.

On my ride home, on the other hand, I often roll over wet asphalt or skim puddles … if not slow to a crawl through sheets of rain. Other times I’m treated to mammoth white pillars (to the north or in my rearview) soaring to stratospheric heights.

I may momentarily “out run” them in my car,

But on the wings of the Trade Winds by night they slide into town.

Only this summer so far
that hasn’t happened much yet …

Stay tuned.

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