Summer of ’87
And why it feels like just yesterday

It seems like just yesterday …

That the cicada brood emerged from the ground.

As seen in Maryland …

Or rather, make that two yesterday’s ago.

The last one I missed, back in 2004.

But rewind the clock another seventeen …

And I was still in high school: It was the summer of 1987.

In the Summer of 2021

I feel like a cicada in a way …

Leaving me to wonder, if any of the cicadas feel me?

Where does the similarity lie?

The both of us have been away for quite some time. But I must say, there is no place quite like home, no matter how long you haven’t been there. Why is that case? All I know is that when I listen to the cicada sing, you don’t hear a hint that they don’t belong. They own the forest, and dominate the airwaves, to the point that trying to talk above them is like being at a roaring rapid of a creek that never stops night or day.

It’s good to be back in the land I was born.

I was too young to remember the first 17-year brood of my life time, and not here on the third, but the summer of the second to this day still resonates like it was just yesterday.

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