Summer of our discontent

The rain deficit mounts,

Or should I say withers.

The bar chart above shows south-Florida-wide summer rainfall totals from 1998 to present.  Green segments indicates rainfall from Memorial Day to July 4th, yellow segments from July 4th to Labor Day, and blue segments from Labor Day to Halloween.  The peninsula averages around 37 inches of rain during a typical summer (May 20th thru Oct 31st).  This year at the midpoint the total is only 13 inches.

South Florida wide rainfalls have only totaled about 13 inches.

That’s about half of the normal 21 inches for August midpoint of the rainy season.

Keep in mind the peninuslar total has been boosted by more plentiful rains in Naples and Ft Myers. For places in the Everglades and East coast their total summer accumulation is comparable to what some year’s they receive in a month (see below.)

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