Super Bowl tie?

It’s a shame that one side has to lose the Super Bowl.

Wouldn’t it be nice if both teams could shake hands a tie midfield at the end of the game instead?

Why root for the home team
when you can root for your watershed instead?

There’s one thing you hear about the NFL that actually isn’t true …

That at the start of the season every team has a chance to win it all.

Try telling that to a Baltimore Colts fan.

They left town forever when I was just twelve.

How did I recover from such a traumatic event?

Answer:  I did a lot of growing up quickly.  The team wasn’t the towns.  It was just a business competing with other businesses and looking for the biggest handout it could get from the government to boost its economic bottom line in the form of a tax-subsidized stadium and other perks.

The Baltimore Colts may have left town,
but fortunately the creeks and river stayed put.

In a way its a shame that sports teams are what bring us together as communities.

What if we could just root for our watersheds instead?

It would be money better spent and everyone could go home a winner.

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