Swamp avatar

This journal, I must confess, makes me feel like an avatar of sorts:

All my thoughts on water get uploaded to a server and then funneled through an electronic web of wires …

But I swear, I’m a person in the flesh just like the rest of you reading it,

Or in hydrologic terms, about 60 percent water.

I’ve never understood the fascination with three-dimensional movie effects as featured in this week’s big Hollywood release.

Isn’t it enough to walk around in nature – whether it’s watching water fall or the seeing it swirl – up close in person and first hand?

For me it is anyway!

The one thing about movie making I can related to is “Take Two.”

Take for example the video clip featured above.

My plan was to debut it this weekend to eager water enthusiasts everywhere, displaying in “grainy, narrow screen and choppy” film exposure the current stage of swamp water in Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve.

(The film revolves around one hydrologist’s “early dry season” quest for water, who although daunted at first – as symbolized by the hand scraping of dry blackened earth – forges on to discover water in the inner depths of a cypress dome – followed by the “Eureka Moment” of finding a mysterious cypress knee forest … Quite a trailer, no?).

That was the plan anyhow,

A surprise storm (dropping as much as a foot in places) spoiled the premiere, or in this case “flooding” it out,

Rewinding the water cycle clock by a few weeks and immediately “outdating” the images on the video clip.

Or in other words:

“Take Two!”

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