Swamp bird

Here’s a short video clip of a small sliver of Big Cypress National Preserve from the air, up in the helicopter at about 1000 feet. 

The highway in the middle of the clip is I75, also known as Alligator Alley, and which connects Naples to Ft Lauderdale. If you look closely you can see the road curve in the background. Otherwise it’s a “straight as an arrow” two-hour drive from Naples to Ft Lauderdale.  
To all of you that drive the road on a regular basis and always wondered what it looked like beyond the low vantage of the road fringe, here’s your chance to get a peek at its endless miles of cypress trees which, incidently, give the preserve its name — not by the height of their crowns, but by their “far as the eye can see” expanse.
How many cypress trees are their in the preserve?  
That’s a good question.  Good luck counting!

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