Swamp Geology
Out of sight out of mind?

When it comes to geology …

It may be last on the swamp check off list.


By check off list, I mean what tourists come to see — with alligators being at the top. I’ve heard it said that some four out of five people visit to the swamp to see an alligator. As interesting as they are to see, they are oddly not present in the geology of the swamp. Even odder, as old as the alligators would have you believe the place to be, the swamp ecosystem is actually quite young, just a few thousand years old. Native American tribes inhabited Florida before the Everglades or the Big Cypress swamp existing. So there are no alligator bones in the geology, it’s all marine limestone, about 3 miles worth underlying the swamp with the upper 50-100 feet forming the Gray Limestone Aquifer. Unlike the Biscayne Aquifer to the east, the Graystone Aquifer isn’t as permeable nor as intensely pumped. With regard to the later, I think that alligators are happy about that.

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