Swamp gets soaked
Third BRD of year sweeps through south Florida

It was our third of the water year (i.e. since January 2021) …

And second of the wet season.

History of Big Rain Days (BRDs) in south Florida

What is a Big Rain Day (BRD)?

It’s any day when south Florida averages an inch or more of rain across the entire peninsula.

We have 3 BRDs so far this year

On average, south Florida gets about 5 BRDs per year. Flood years we typically get more (i.e. 10 in 2005, the year of Wilma) and drought years get less (i.e. 2 in the 2011, the year of the Jarhead Wildfire).

What months do BRDs strike most?

Almost 20 percent of them occur in June. But the take-home lesson from the table below is that practically every month has at least a 1 in 30 chance of getting a BRD. And that’s all it takes. A single day of rain can change the outlook for the whole month, or longer.

BRDs are surprisingly rare in July and August

Tuesday’s BRD wasn’t gargantuan …

But it did set the stage for the high-water heart of the wet season ahead.

Water typically peaks in September and October in the swamp.

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