Swamp ladder in the sky

The metaphorical “swamp ladder” (the one I use in speech) is of course a step stool.

It has five rungs in total:

Pond apple is the lowest, then comes tall cypress (rung 2), followed by tree-scarce marl prairies (rung 3), rising into the hydric pines (rung 4) until finally stepping up into the highest water rung on the ladder: our mesic pines.

From bottom to top,
the swamp step stool is only 3 feet high …

Not high at all, but the swamp usually needs most of the summer (a good half of the wet season) to make its full climb.

(This year may be different since it’s starting off the wet season already half way there.)

Here’s some recent aerial footage of the swamp, starting at 100 feet and climbing to five hundred …

And featuring an aluminum ladder which is about 10 feet tall:

We needed it to fix a rain gage.

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